How to Remove a Spray Tan

Ready to get that tan off? Here’s a few ideas!

Spray tan turnover via skin
The slowest way to rid yourself of your tan is simply to wait. Unfortunately, this can take from 5-15 days before you are finally free of the horrid color.

Exfoliation products
These creams are designed to return your skin to its most natural state, ensuring that your tan will fade much faster than usual, but these creams are more for preparing your skin for a spray tan than for removing the tan once applied. Exfoliating creams can help remove some color from your tan, but nothing will remove the color completely.

Homemade/DIY spray tan removal Ideas
Essentially these work as homemade exfoliant options, I’ve included a few of the most effective here:

1. Salts and lemon scrubs/sugar and lemon scrubs/Baking soda and lemon scrubs: these work to a certain degree, but won’t take ALL of the tan off, but some is better than none!

Mix together one cup of raw sugar and ¾ cup of lemon juice then dab on cotton ball to apply

Note–the lemon juice must be fresh squeezed to work

2. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar: works the same, and has the same results, as Lemon scrubs: Mix, then dab on cotton ball to apply.

3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: I’ve heard this works to help scrub out a bad spray tan, but be VERY careful when using it as it contains harsh chemicals and could do more damage than it’s worth!

Exfoliating gloves
Exfoliating gloves and mittens can help remove your tan more significantly than creams, or can be great in conjunction with creams. There are some out there, while a bit expensive, that can take a surprising amount of the color from your bad spray tan.

Other solutions: Exfoliate and then respray
One other thing you can try is to exfoliate with one of the above methods and get another spray tan on top of it. Oftentimes this can help blend and hide the bad tan within the new spray tan, but please note that you absolutely need to exfoliate thoroughly before doing this so that you avoid giving yourself lizard skin (uneven-looking fading).