Men & Spray Tanning

I common question I get asked is “Do men get spray tans too?”. And the answer is a definite “yes”. In fact, these days, more and more males are realising the benefits of spray tanning. It’s no longer “taboo” and guys are just as keen to get a good looking tan as women.

The benefits are the same as for women, such as;
– you can get a natural looking tan in just a few hours instead of spending days in the harsh sun
– no risk of skin cancer or burning
– the illusion of a firmer, more toned physique
Plus…especially important to men;
– your muscles look more defined!

I get male clients of all ages, all body types and all skin complexions, so guys should never feel that they can’t get a spray tan. My salon is extremely private which gives privacy also.

So if you’re a guy (or you know a guy) who wants a spray tan but you’re a little nervous, just give me a call or send a text and I will be happy to talk you through the process – it only takes about 5 minutes!

Hope to see you soon