Aussie Bombshell Spray Tans

Spray Tanning using Aussie Bombshell Solution

Locally developed brand Aussie Bombshell spray tanning solution is very popular across Perth and beyond. Key features of this tanning solution brand include;

  • Express Formula: Shower between two and four hours after application. Sleep easy with no more ruined bed sheets.
  • Odourless: Because no-one likes the smell of spray tan.
  • Hypoallergenic: Reduces the risk of skin irritation.
  • Oil Free: Allows your tan to dry quicker on the skin after application.
  • Paraben Free: We’ve left out the controversial preservatives.
  • Alcohol Free: No dehydrating your skin.
  • Certified Organic DHA: Quality of ingredients should never be compromised.
  • Australian Made: Because you can’t produce an Aussie Bombshell anywhere else in the world.
  • Miss Universe WA: Official spray tan of the Miss Universe WA Preliminary Competition in WA since 2011.


Aussie Bombshell Spray Tan Solutions

Solution Recommended For Leave-on Time
10% DHA Perfect for achieving a light glow. This product is great for people who spray tan every week, and those that have fair skin.

Also recommended as the perfect tan for brides.

2 -4 hours
12% DHA The 12% is the best seller in the Aussie Bombshell range. Perfect for that holiday “glow” so you can feel like you’re on holiday all year round. 2 -4 hours
15% DHA The darkest tan on offer in the Aussie Bombshell collection. Perfect for an uber dark tan in 3-hours, but also great for a light glow if you only have an hour to spare.
This product is a popular choice for those people performing on stage (dancers, body builders etc).
Keep in mind that “less is more” when it comes to this product!
2 -4 hours

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