Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does sunless tanning protect me against the sun?
    No, it does not and when out doors users of spray tans or any fake tans should wear a strong sun screen.

  3. Is sunless tanning safe? 
    Yes, it is! The FDA approved Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar cane derivative that results in the tan, for safety in 1973. When applied to the skin, DHA penetrates only the top layer of skin-it does not absorb into the body or bloodstream.

  5. Do your sunless tanning products contain erythrulose? 
    No. First, the only FDA-approved ingredient for sunless tanning is DHA. No other skin colorants, including erythrulose, have been approved as yet. Second, our comparative tests repeatedly demonstrate that erythrulose provides no significant difference in the tan’s application or performance.

  7. Do your sunless tanning products contain alcohol?
    No. Alcohol is very drying to the skin and can cause irritation. Furthermore, alcohol intensifies degradation of DHA and thus shortens the shelf life of the product.

  9. Do your sunless tanning products contain aloe vera?
    No. Aviva Labs developed a unique, new product that is water-based rather than aloe vera-based, yet is highly moisturizing and dries in seconds. You can truly feel the difference with Aviva Labs solutions.

  11. Do your sunless tanning products contain fragrances?
    No. First, fragrances are one of the major causes of allergic reactions. Second, no one wants sunless tanning solution that smells too flowery, fruity or sweet. Many salons that also cater to men especially appreciate Aviva Labs-fragrance-free solutions.

  13. Will I experience allergic reactions or acne with your products?
    Aviva Labs solutions are hypoallergenic-designed specifically for hypersensitive skin. Our products are oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free. Our philosophy is less is more, meaning that we use ingredients only that are necessary to achieve optimal results. If you have a hypersensitive skin condition or known allergies to sunless tanning products, consult with your physician.

  15. Will the sunless tanning products stain my clothes?
    Solutions that contain bronzers may transfer to your clothes if they touch your skin immediately after application. We recommend wearing garments that are loose and dark in color after application. However, Aviva Labs solutions are water-based for easy washing.

  17. How long does a sunless tan last?
    An Aviva Labs sunless tan will usually last 5-8 days. For best results, thoroughly exfoliate prior to application and moisturize generously each day after the application.

  19. I always burn in the sun and never tan. Can I still get a sunless tan? 
    Absolutely! If you are someone with skin type I who always burns in the sun and therefore has never been able to tan, you can achieve a sunless tan. With Aviva Labs 8% DHA solution, it will look terrific.

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