Professional Waxing Perth

Perth Body & Beauty only uses the highest standards in providing waxing services to clients. Disposable and hygenic strip wax is used, while non-recycled hot wax is applied on sensitive areas.

Waxing Prices

Face Price
Eyebrow (inc. shape) $25
Lip $15
Chin $12
Sides $12
Neck $20
Full Face (inc. Neck) $50
Body Price
Underarm $15
Arm – 1/2 $25
Arm – Full $35
Bikini (standard area only) $30
G-string $45
Brazillian (less than 6 weeks) $55
Brazillian (first time or more than 6 weeks growth) $70
Tummy Line $10
Leg – 1/2 (inc. knee) $35
Leg – 3/4 $45
Leg – Full $55
Leg – Full & Bikini (standard) $65
Waxing For Men Price
Leg – 1/2 $40
Leg – Full $60
Arms – 1/2 $40
Arms – Full $50
Chest or Stomach $40
Chest – Full (from underwear line to necktie) $60
Back – Full (from underwear line to necktie) $60
Eyebrow (inc. shape if required) $20

*Note: Please call or text if you have only sparse amounts of hair & prices may be cheaper
* Note: $10 surcharge applies on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Waxing Tips


  • Be sure the area to be waxed is free from cuts, rashes and acne. It’s a good idea to check the list of contra-indications (reasons not to provide treatment) on this website. If you have any concerns before waxing, it may be a good idea to read over this list or call us.
  • Do not shave area prior to waxing
  • Hair should be at least 6-8mm long (shorter hair may not be able to be removed)


  • Do not exfoliate after treatment (wait until redness has disappeared)
  • Avoid touching the waxed area (to prevent dirt getting into pores & leading to pimples or irritations)
  • Avoid very hot showers immediately after treatment
  • Apply ingrown hair cream/gel to assist in reducing ingrown hairs

Specific Brazilian Waxing Tips

  • Perth Body & Beauty service women only for brazillian waxing
  • Please mention when booking if this is your first brazillian or whether it has been past 6 weeks since your last brazillian wax
  • Numbing spray can ease the discomfort of waxing – and can be applied 10 minutes prior to treatment. Please advice when booking if you require numbing spray.
  • Avoid shaving between brazillians (& waxing generally)
  • Maintaining regular brazillian visits (less than 6 weeks – ideally 4 or so weeks) leads to lesser pain & discomfort and helps regulate hair growth

Opening Hours

Strictly by Appointment Only


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