Welcome to Honolulu – Fastest Spray Tan Ever!

Welcome to Hololulu…Aviva Labs have just released what they call their darkest and fastest developing spray tan ever! It’s apart of their “City Tan” Collection – super quick spray tans inspired by unique colours in US cities. Other tans include the Miami, Vegas and Hollywood.

30 minutes for a light tan
60 minutes for a medium colour
90 minutes for a dark colour

I personally love this colour and I leave it on a little longer (generally 2 hours). My skin type is one that tans averagely in summer (olive undertone) but I stay fairly pale if I’m out of the sun. Previously I was using either the Miami or Vegas to get a deep colour in a short period of time. But the Hololulu achieves the depth of colour of the standard 8 hour tan – Gimme Brown 14% in only a matter of hours. Perfect for the busy girl or guy.

If you’re not sure what colour would suit you or how long to leave a tan on, it’s all good – I’m here to help! Feel free to contact me or when you arrive for your appointment, I will have a look at your skin, ask you what kind of colour you hope to achieve & we will find the perfect spray tan for you!