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Perth Body & Beauty offers a range of treatments in a relaxed and private home salon. Our specialties are waxing, tinting, lash lifting (the hottest new eyelash trend) and brow makeovers like brow lamination. Read what our clients are saying with their perth body and beauty reviews here.

Who Needs Waxing in Perth?

We all do! But many people are scared and others have had bad experiences in the past, so they resort to shaving.
Shaving is fine if you are happy to keep it up always, but waxing does make our lives are much easier – simply wax and forget for about 4-5 weeks.
Once you start waxing, it’s pretty important that you keep it up (and not shave in between). Our hair grows in cycles, and it can take a long time to get all our hair growing together in the same cycle – so we need to “train” it by keeping up a routine waxing practice.

Relaxed Atmosphere

If you are nervous, or a bit intimidated by getting waxing done in a big chain or salon, Perth Body and Beauty is the place for you. You will be looked after personally, and you can say what would make you feel most comfortable (maybe reading a magazine, maybe just having a chat). Being a private home salon, there is also no need to worry about how you look coming in or leaving as you are not going through a busy shopping centre. See waxing prices.

Brazilian Waxing for Women

Perth Body and Beauty only caters to women for brazillian waxing. Only the highest quality brazillian wax products are used including Adam and Eve hot wax and Mancine brazilian strip wax. You will be made to feel very comfortable and the waxing can go at your pace if you are a bit nervous. However, most women are pleasantly surprised at just how fast the brazillian wax service really is! See waxing prices.

What About Male Waxing?

Don’t worry fellas! Perth Body and Beauty DOES do waxing for men – just not brazilians! So if you need a back wax, or perhaps your chest is looking a bit like a jungle, then book in and look and feel smooth in no time at all. Again, guys can be just a nervous about waxing as ladies, so please know that you will be made to feel welcome and relaxed at all times. See male waxing prices.

After Hours Service

Most of us don’t have time to get waxed during working hours (plus, who wants to walk around with a post-wax red lip or legs at the office?!). Perth Body and Beauty caters to clientele outside standard office hours. Bookings are essential, so best to text and book in as soon as you can to get your desired appointment time. See waxing prices.

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